From the DeVries Family

James Stuart “Jimbo” DeVries had many blessings in his life, one of which was the fortune of deep and lasting friendships. Throughout his childhood years in Meade County, his college years at Western Kentucky University and beyond, he valued friendship and family and enjoyed living his life with love and enthusiasm. In  memory of our beloved “Jimbo”, a wonderful group of his WKU brothers decided to  keep him alive in their hearts by doing something special in his name. This group of fine young men came together and established a scholarship fund to help young men and women pursue their education. Thus, the Jimbo DeVries Scholarship Fund began in  1999. This noble endeavor has succeeded beyond belief because of the hard work, dedication and  determination of these young men.  Our family can never express appreciation adequately, we can only say “thank you”, and please know you have a special place in our hearts and with Jimbo." -- Jim & Kitty DeVries, John & Kim DeVries, Boo & Ned Benson, Jimbo’s Family

Where Your Gift Goes

When giving to any endeavor it's important to know where your dollars are being spent. We divide the scholarship funds up between Meade County, WKU Football Walk-Ons, and Phi Delta Theta pledge members. All have met scholarly standards and have been interviewed to ensure they will use the funds wisely.
  1. Meade County Grads 33%
  2. WKU Football Walk-ons 33%
  3. Phi Delta Theta Best Pledge 33%

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